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Salon massazha «Rezident Club»
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Massage Temptation
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Massage Temptation

The Temptation program will surprise you with the excellent erotic massage which is carried out on talc. The erotic relax, performed by the most seductive girls of our salon, will relax all muscles of your body, preparing it for tremendous erotic part. In the French Kiss program the main attention is paid passionate, budorazhushchy blood to the breath of the girl forcing your heart to fight at the increased speed, and her sensual, voluptuous kisses will make conceited and dement. Leave all cares and unresolved problems behind doors of our salon, relax in gentle embraces of our beauties whose sexual touches to your skin will force each section of a body to tremble with pleasure! The program will end with the brightest peak of desire and passion.

Program duration: 1.5 hour

Program cost: 36.000tng

Having become the resident of our club, you are waited by pleasant discounts!

Information is up-to-date: 07.01.2020

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