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Salon massazha «Rezident Club»
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Massage for men
  • Massage for men
  • Massage for men
  • Massage for men

Massage for men


Different types of classical massage in the cozy Rezident club in the heart of the city of Almaty

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Deep relaxation, superb anti-stress program, relieve fatigue and stress. Normalizes muscle tone, relieves tiredness, improves lymph and blood circulation, restores a specific area of the body. Massage is an excellent way to promote health, relax the body, raising the overall level of the functional state of the organism, disease prevention and successful addition to the procedures of thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, peels, masks and wraps

60 minutes / 15,000 tenge

. 3 - landmark soaring with infusions of herbs (eucalyptus, lemon, mint)

. Cleansing . Scrub with luxury cosmetics, exfoliates dead skin cells, skin betrays a delightful smoothness and barhatitost. Peeling body bioskrabom granite.


. Massage to choose from (1.5 hours) - hidden in the heart of the plant essential oils absorb all their energy and healing properties. They combine effective cosmetic properties affect the olfactory receptors, and are in perfect harmony with the skin. Soothing and relaxing sea bath will take you to the world of comfort and total relaxation of body and soul.


180 minutes / 50,000 tenge

This is a great program for the professional SPA LUX-oic line of cosmetics, will be a great departure for the favorite. relaxed atmosphere removes stress, breathe in new energy body, to restore a healthy and beautiful skin. During the program, two masters work simultaneously: the magical four-hand massage will help to forget about everyday worries of daily bustle.


120 minutes / 50,000 tenge


Closed parking

At the center of the territory

There is a guarded parking area.



We work around the clock

Seven days a week!



Once in our showroom

You restore your health!


Information is up-to-date: 07.01.2020

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