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Tantric massage
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Tantric massage

Such equipment as Tantric massage, is a special type of east practice which is carried out in couple. Often it is confused to erotic massage, however a difference essential and basic here. Tantrika represents not just technology of corporal influence, and special, thin level interaction of partners during a session and an exchange of energy through touches.

"Tantra", in translation into Russian, means "communication" that as well as possible explains all essence of technology of Tantric massage. The theory of a tantrika means by an erogenous zone not some concrete areas of a body to which touch leads to excitement and sexual pleasure, and tells that the center of all feelings is located, first of all, in the head of the person that all our body is a uniform erogenous zone. Ability to come into contact between partners allows to make each touch in different areas of a physical body voluptuous and desired.

Program duration: 1 hour

Program cost: 30000

Information is up-to-date: 11.09.2019

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