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Massage Temptation
The Temptation program will surprise you with the excellent erotic massage which is carried out on talc. The erotic relax, performed by the most seductive girls of our salon, will relax all muscles of your body, preparing it for tremendous erotic part. In the French Kiss program the main attention...
Group: Erotic massage
Massage of Ays - cry
Ays massage in Rezident - erotic massage with ice cubes. Ays massage includes episodes of classical and erotic massage with use of cubes of ice, and with an orgasm for you. Ays massage is carried out by completely naked girl with use of cubes of ice, and Aram oils. The naked girl caresses all your...
Group: Visiting massage
Massage of Allsorts
Massage by fruit is one of the most pleasant types of massage, a unique combination of a Spa procedure and therapeutic impact on an organism. Still the Arab sheikhs, the Roman emperors and even medieval monks had an opportunity to enjoy massage by fruit. Juicy program for true judges of erotic...
Group: Erotic show
Massage Oriental cherry Branch
"Oriental cherry branch" the erotic interlacing of extract of east cultures, is harmoniously connected with erotic subject. Exciting and distinguished art of the most ancient geishas, our girls adopted. Having come to us, you will be able to have a rest not only soul and a body, but also to receive...
Group: Massage, relaxation
Dao Massage
Dao ― massage ― is the massage uniting several types of different types of massage: Chinese massage, small heavenly circle, tsi-massage, guash, shiatsa, Ayurvedic massage, Tibetan massage, rebalansing, yoga-massage. Vrachi-daosy considered occupations by love as part of a natural order of things....
Group: Hand massage
Urological massage
Performance of massage helps to stimulate development of a secret with a prostate gland and to eliminate developments of stagnation in bodies of reproductive system of the man. Massage is especially shown during the inactive, sedentary work. Our beauties to you, will make it professionally!...
Group: Massage, relaxation
Express massage
Business lunch in our salon! We bring to your attention the special program for those who wish to enjoy pleasure in the break. The Express program only Monday through Friday from 10:00 till 16:00. Dare to distract from cares for 30 paradise minutes. Program duration: 30 minutes Program cost:...
Group: Erotic massage
Person massage
If you first of all appreciate an individual approach and choose for yourself all best - that the Person program is created especially for you! Down with stamps and rules, here only you can specify and operate the rest. Present life to all the desires, do not constrain your imagination - and our...
Group: Foot massage
Company massage Resident of LUX
It is difficult to choose the specific program? There is a wish for everything and at once? Then the Resident of LUX program will meet all your desires! In it you are waited by hot erotic mix from all exclusive programs which are carried out by the beauty chosen by you. Our masters in a relaxation...
Group: Erotic massage
Royal massage
There is nothing more perfect on the beauty, than a female body. It is possible to admire the nude woman infinitely, and two naked girls whose bodies intertwine in any passionate game, is a pleasure which is allowed to test not to each man. If you drew to yourself these pictures in the head more...
Group: Erotic massage
Massage SPA salon Rezident Almaty
Erotic massage in the Resident of Almaty:Series of gray monotonous fussy days, constant stresses and city traffic jams - it is familiar to all residents of the big city. But too it is possible to find paradise piece in the megalopolis. The place where it is possible to derive unforgettable...
Group: Erotic massage
Massage SPA salon Rezident Almaty
Erotic massage in the Resident of Almaty: Series of gray monotonous fussy days, constant stresses and city traffic jams - it is familiar to all residents of the big city. But in the megalopolis it is possible too to find paradise piece. The place where it is possible to receive unforgettable...
Group: Brazilian massage
Erotic massage for men in Almaty Reziden
Erotic massage helps to dispel all saved-up negative and to reduce stress. This procedure is carried out only by the qualified girls masseurs, they know as by means of touches to give to the client feeling of unforgettable ecstasy. During massage you will understand that each site of a human body...
Group: Erotic massage


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